Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Week of July 10-15, 2011

Aha! Parents and Teens Explore How to Be Close and Free

Rendy Freedman & Jennifer Freed

Parenting teenagers is challenging under the best of circumstances, and staying close while doing it is an art form. How do parents set limits, offer guidance, communicate effectively, and still find a way to enjoy their ever-changing teen? How do parents maintain their own joy and ease while caring for the endless needs of their children? How do teens and parents learn from one another non-defensively? The Aha! workshop will create an opportunity for parents and teens to explore the delicate and crucial balance between being buddies and being an inspiring adult and role model.

Participants will:

• Learn about how to appreciate one another’s values and perspectives

• Focus on the dynamic and vital passions of adulthood and adolescence

• Experience exercises that emphasize quality contact between parents and teens

• Discover the art of play again, between the generations

• Explore the tenets of social and emotional intelligence and how they apply to family life

• Share the secrets of staying close through the teen years

The leaders will guide participants through a highly tested and successful program of interactive and creative exercises which will highlight the strengths of the parent/teen bond and offer practical and lasting skills to help navigate the colorful and compelling development of the family during the teen years. This is a precious gift for parents and teens who want to affirm and learn how to be joyously and authentically connected. The workshop is open to teens ages 13–19 and their parents.

CEUs available for MFTs and LCSWs.

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