Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Letting yourself receive

Why is it so hard sometimes to let people in? To let things come to us instead of chasing them down?
So many of us want to give and contribute and yet sometimes that can become a way to keep others from giving to us. Sometimes our giving becomes a way of life and we become shocked when others are selfish and preoccupied with personal gain.
What if all the givers in the world believed that everyone had something to give them?
What if all the takers in the world couldn't find someone who would just give to them endlessly?

What if everyone knew that they were worth as much as the next guy/gal regardless of outer achievements and status ?
Just take a moment right now to refrain from measuring up and breathe in the value of one exquisite moment within your own frame of reality. Have a "It's a Wonderful Life" peek at your time on this earth. You matter whether you are creating harm or joy. We all do. If we believed it I am certain that everyone on this planet would be fed and would have adequate health care.

It seems that if we are truly going to be effective in changing this world from a materialistic, resource devouring oligarchy, then we are going to have to ask for more of our fair share and act like we deserve it.

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